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VivaBI can pull in your leads in many different ways, and integrates with all your existing technology. Unsure of how we can do this? Contact us and we’ll examine your requirements at no cost.
Sales Automation
VivaBI gets phones ringing. Literally. Our integrated telephony solutions get your prospective clients on the phone within seconds of requesting information, so you can catch them while they’re hot.
Advanced validation
Ensure leads are truly valid before you pay for them with data validation that goes well beyond format checking. Identify vendors that provide unusual volumes of valid but dubious leads, before they’ve cost you a fortune.
VivaBI aims to give our clients a competitive advantage by achieving more conversions, for less money and effort, and by providing them with actionable information on campaign management.
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Contact our experienced team today. We’re here to help.
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We just happen to be in Madrid, Spain.
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